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Do not use commas to separate items.

Input of lease agreement will find 'lease agreement' if 'All Words' is selected or 'lease' and 'agreement' if 'Any Words' is selected. Input of lease, agreement will try to find 'lease' and 'agreement' as separate words if 'Any Words' is selected or will try to find the exact term lease, agreement if All Words is selected.

Truncated words.

If 'Any Word' is selected, input of leas agree will find 'lease' and 'agreement' but if 'All Words' is selected the search will return nothing.

This search engine will not find exact matches of phrases.

Input of "lease agreement" will return nothing unless the document being searched contain the exact phrase in quotes "lease agreement" and 'All Words' is selected.

Asterisks (*) cannot be used as a substitute for a string of characters of any length.

Input the truncated word and select 'Any Word' : just finds just, justin, justice, justices

Question marks (?) cannot be substituted for a single character

Truncate the word and select 'Any Word' : "Rent" finds Rent, Rental, Renting

Do not use + , - or quotes (") in the search field unless you are looking for "+" or "-" or ".

Input of lease + agreement will return the exact phrase 'lease + agreement' if it exists in the searched text and 'All Words' is selected. If 'Any Word' is selected, it will try to find 'lease' and '+' and 'agreement' as separate strings.