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If you do not know how to enable cookies, follow the direction below:

 Internet Explorer for Windows
  1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. You see the Internet Options dialog that provides a number of tabs that allow you to set your browser preferences.
  2. To enable session cookies, click the Privacy tab.
  3. From the Settings section of the tab, click Advanced.
  4. Locate and click the checkbox next to Always allow session cookies
  5. To enable JavaScripting, click the Security tab.
  6. Locate the Custom area of the Security tab, and click the Custom Level button.
  7. From the Security Settings dialog that opens, scroll through the options until you see Scripting.
  8. Check the radio buttons next to Enable Active Scripting and Scripting of Java applets.
  9. Click OK to accept scripting and cookie handling changes and close the Security Settings window.
  10. From the Internet Options dialog, click Apply to effect settings then OK to close the dialog.

 Netscape and Mozilla users on Windows or Macintosh
  1. From the Edit menu (Windows) or Netscape menu (Macintosh), select Preferences.
  2. From the Category menu, click open the Privacy & Security category.
  3. Select Cookies.
  4. From the Cookies page, click the radio button next to Enable all cookies. If you elect to accept cookies based on privacy settings, use a Medium level.
  5. From the Category menu, click open the Advanced category.
  6. Select Scripts & Plugins.
  7. Locate the Enable Javascript section of the window and click the checkbox next to Navigator.
  8. Click OK to apply changes and close the Preferences dialog.

 Safari users on Macintosh
  1. From the Macintosh file menu, select Safari and then Preferences.
  2. From the Preferences dialog that opens, select the Security option (padlock icon).
  3. Under the Web Content options, click the checkbox next to Enable Javascript.
  4. Under the Accept Cookies option, check the radio button for Always.
  5. Click OK and close the Preferences dialog to apply changes.

 Firefox users on Windows and Macintosh
  1. From the Tools menu (Windows) or Firefox menu (Macintosh), select Options.
  2. From the Options dialog that opens, select the Content option (globe icon).
  3. Click the checkbox next to Enable Javascript.
  4. Select the Privacy option (padlock icon)
  5. Under the Cookies tab, check the Checkbox for Allow sites to set Cookies.
  6. Click OK and close the Options dialog to apply changes.

Follow the directions above to enable cookies if you so choose. When finished, close this window.

If you are still having problems, contact the Webmaster and describe the prbolem in detail.